Thursday, July 10, 2008

What I did on my Summer Vacation........

First things first....About a week ago Miss Jenny over @ Fated Follies Studios ...who by the way is AMAZING...tagged...-is that the right word? to list eight here they are

Eight things I say a lot:
1. Who raised you?!?
2. Go ask Papa.
3. What did Papa say?
4. Don't have SEX!:0) I say this to my kids when I drop them off cracks me up EVERY TIME!
5. CRAP!...what time is it??
6. Did we eat dinner yet? I seriously forget.....
7. Did you pray about it?
8. I Love you.

Eight books I have read lately:
1. My B.I.B.L.E...though sporadically..I know He still loves me.(sing it,it rhymes)
2. The Runaway jury
3. Abba's Child
4. Pillars of the Earth...not loving it but I started so now I have to finish.
5. VBS craft station manual
6. Sand in my bra
7. Boundaries.....again....I keep forgetting where they are
8. Narrative Essays

Eight movies I have seen at least 8 times:
1. Princess Bride
2. Now & Then
3. Ever After
4. FairyTale
5. Shreck
6. Notebook
7. The War
8. Big Fish

Eight things I am working on:
...besides the unfinished projects?
1. Learning how to let my son become a man...he will be 18 next month.
2. Dealing with the fact that same son IS going to be a Marine.
3. Remembering that God is SO good to me.
4. Remembering who I was supposed to be when I grew up.
5. Being a better friend....I really stink at it & I don't want to...sorry Renee :0)
6. My not myspace....MY space where I keep all my art junk
7. Being able to say "I'm an Artist" without cringing or needing to explain it away
8. Losing 20 MORE pounds....I am down 20 since April. Yeah me.

I am supposed to list 8 other bloggers to make their list but I don't know 8 well enough......sooooooo I will just leave it open to all...just leave a post if you feel like doing it & let me know. Thanks & I hope this helped you know me a bit better!

Okay next....I didn't do diddly squat on my Summer Vacation because we have not taken one....yet...there is still hope because we homeschool & Summer ain't over Til I say it is. :0) BUT the P.I.G. (pretty important guy)& I are going to get away this month. We are spending a weekend here ...I know!!! right. Don't hate me. But seriously look at this yeahhhhh NOW who's laughing huh? A PT cruiser show AND FREE ART hidden all over town!! Please PLEASE PLEASE GOD let me find a piece of that free art.
I wanted to stay HERE but she is all booked up. If you have the time you gotta read her whole shpeal...I am going to go by & meet her when I get there cause I think I like her. My Other choice is HERE ...I really hope she has an opening cause she seems really nice too. You like how I choose my lodging based on whether or not I like the owner??? Who does that??? what a freak.

Picture time!

Here is what I have really been doing so far this Summer......

Background....we used to live in Glennallen Alaska...long story...later.
Anyway, the Funk family are an amazing family who have been doing missionary work in Hooper Bay Alaska for 20 years. Every year they bring a group of teens ,who have shown themselves to be leaders in the village, down to the "lower 48". They happened to be traveling close enough to stay with us a few nights. There is no road system in Hooper fly in on a bush plane and none of these kids have running water! They use Honey buckets....look it up. It was so much fun taking them to see a movie (they had never been in a movie theatre)and hanging out with them! It was also a huge eye opener that we were not just put on this Earth to ...& die. LOVE was WAR! Nerf war but still.....these are some more Alaska friends who come & stay with us every Summer...I am NOT in this picture for obvious reasons.I do however claim the four on the right.Sometimes.

Sigh...Nerf war Always Always Always.....turns into this

This happens at LEAST once a week around here.Who raised her?
(left is mine..right thinks she is)

Then I made this for my niece's first birthday... I threw it together in like 5 minutes but it felt good to make something!

My Niece

I got to spend some time with my sister(with her GRANDSON!) I have not seen her smile like that in a very very long time. It makes me sad & happy at the same time

And I saw the most amazing sunset....truly. I did not get a great picture but I am pretty sure it was the same one you saw. :0)

WoW. I did a bunch more stuff...but really How much can you take in one sitting?

This was exhausting..but fun..mayhaps I won't wait a month for my next post.Hmmmm.

I want to learn how to add a really cool cursive signature.....until then