Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I was thinking it would be fun to add some pictures of little spots around my home because I actually cleaned yesterday (truth be told I mostly bossed the teenagers around). Anyway, I kept being drawn to "Pink" things....I didn't even think I had a lot of pink in my house,but obviously I was wrong. I have been coming down with spring fever BIG TIME! I am even going to update the picture of my "shack" to a spring one and later I am going to give the history of it. It is a pretty sweet story.Enjoy the pink for now
Flowers my sweet Brian brought home to me

My kitchen window

My "coffee box"

Tissue paper flowers Jo(my youngest daughter) & I made

A sweet little tin with tiny dried roses

A funny Bunny Under Glass....I LOVE this guy!!!

My Mantle

An egg I made last Year...I lOVE GLITTER!

This lady is known as the "porno bust" because according to my son...one of her "girls" is exposed. Did I mention he is 17, so I think his vision is skewed!

I adore the little pink cheeks on this bunny!

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fated follies studio said...

i accidently deleted your comment from my email so i thought i'd check out your blog and leave you a comment here where no one will find it! :) i hope you are doing well jalal. i know what you mean about giving away good supplies. one of my blogger friends really liked the rockstar paper and i told her i'd send her some. going through the small stack was harder than i thought to give away. but i know that she probably won't be able to find anything like that anymore. have you found some time to be creative? you haven't posted in a while and was just wondering. ;) anyways, have a great friday and enjoy your weekend.