Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I was thinking it would be fun to add some pictures of little spots around my home because I actually cleaned yesterday (truth be told I mostly bossed the teenagers around). Anyway, I kept being drawn to "Pink" things....I didn't even think I had a lot of pink in my house,but obviously I was wrong. I have been coming down with spring fever BIG TIME! I am even going to update the picture of my "shack" to a spring one and later I am going to give the history of it. It is a pretty sweet story.Enjoy the pink for now
Flowers my sweet Brian brought home to me

My kitchen window

My "coffee box"

Tissue paper flowers Jo(my youngest daughter) & I made

A sweet little tin with tiny dried roses

A funny Bunny Under Glass....I LOVE this guy!!!

My Mantle

An egg I made last Year...I lOVE GLITTER!

This lady is known as the "porno bust" because according to my son...one of her "girls" is exposed. Did I mention he is 17, so I think his vision is skewed!

I adore the little pink cheeks on this bunny!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Wow this page is really blue. I am just figuring all this out so I think I need to brighten this place up a bit. Even though it is rainy and cold here today & I feel like crawling in a hole! I am going to go play with my glitter and maybe make some new paper ornaments. That always makes me happy!
Here are the instuctions for making them...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So.......I have been spending WAYYYY to much time perusing the Internet spying on other people's lives. Which in and of its self was fine. Until I started creating all the wonderful things I kept finding! Now I find myself thinking..."Oh this is just to cute not to share". Never mind the fact that it has already been created and I was in fact only "RE" creating. Details people, mere details. So this may end up being a blog about my journey through & testing of various blog projects. Or it may not. You never know about me. Here is a bit of what I have found so far...

Last week I found the most wonderful St. Patty's day project to satisfy my NEED for a daily dose of glitter here http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/

THEN today I found an amazing doughnut recipe here http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001561.html

I decided that since we were snowed in and all 3 of my teenagers AND my lovely husband were here to insure that I did not eat them all myself that they had to be made NOW!

So I gathered all the bowls & spoons & food stuff needed....Where is my cookie sheet? I know I washed it the other day. Where did I put it. Where it belongs....don't be silly. Search the kitchen...nope. Search the living room....don't laugh..I did mention the teenagers right. No luck. Search the dining/craft room. Oh. There it is. Covered with GLITTER from my previous project. *See above*

The doughnuts were amazing by the way, if not a bit sparkly.

And so it begins. I have started taking pictures of my food. The trick now will be to get a decent shot in before the afore mentioned teenagers attack. Let the games begin.