Saturday, March 8, 2008

So.......I have been spending WAYYYY to much time perusing the Internet spying on other people's lives. Which in and of its self was fine. Until I started creating all the wonderful things I kept finding! Now I find myself thinking..."Oh this is just to cute not to share". Never mind the fact that it has already been created and I was in fact only "RE" creating. Details people, mere details. So this may end up being a blog about my journey through & testing of various blog projects. Or it may not. You never know about me. Here is a bit of what I have found so far...

Last week I found the most wonderful St. Patty's day project to satisfy my NEED for a daily dose of glitter here

THEN today I found an amazing doughnut recipe here

I decided that since we were snowed in and all 3 of my teenagers AND my lovely husband were here to insure that I did not eat them all myself that they had to be made NOW!

So I gathered all the bowls & spoons & food stuff needed....Where is my cookie sheet? I know I washed it the other day. Where did I put it. Where it belongs....don't be silly. Search the kitchen...nope. Search the living room....don't laugh..I did mention the teenagers right. No luck. Search the dining/craft room. Oh. There it is. Covered with GLITTER from my previous project. *See above*

The doughnuts were amazing by the way, if not a bit sparkly.

And so it begins. I have started taking pictures of my food. The trick now will be to get a decent shot in before the afore mentioned teenagers attack. Let the games begin.

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