Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It is now 12:12 June 3rd. That means it is officially my birthday. We love birthdays around here...they end up being birthday "weeks" and it just so happens that Mother's day, our anniversary & my birthday all fall within a few weeks of each other so I am pretty spoiled this time of year! I used to feel bad about it but the older I get I think I deserve it.HAHA. OKAY.....since I get to be spoiled I wanted to spoil some of you too! I had so much fun with the give away that I thought I would just keep going. I am going to give away 5 pairs of those fabulous earrings Up there. All you have to do is drop in within the next 24 hours and tell me the best gift YOU ever received. I will draw out 5 names & send them (you) the blingage! I am assuming at least 5 people will drop in.......we'll see.

*The earrings are not quite as orange as they look in this picture*


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jalal! Our family also celebrates the whole month plus we also celebrate our Unbirthdays as often as possible, LOL. We just love to celebrate.
Hope you have a fantastic birthday, birthday week and month!

Irma :)

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

OK, don't know why it showed anonymous. LOL It's me! Like I said before, still learning about the crazy computer.

Irma :)

Kay said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! My best gift ever - I don't know because I'm easy to please and love everything I get!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is the day before Valentine's Day so I get pretty spoiled too that time of year. What gorgeous earrings! I'd have to say the best gift I ever received was last year. My husband took Dillon (my eight year old) to one of those paint your own pottery places and he made me a bowl with flowers all over it. I use it to keep some of my favorite jewelry in it, so I see it all the time and remember that very special day.

fated follies studio said...

happy birthday dear jalal. i hope your family spoils you lots and lots. i think that the best gift i ever got was my wedding band from my husband a few Christmases ago. we didn't have much money (and still don't) when we got married so i just wore the engagement ring. when i got that band i just loved it. i think i'll keep it for awhile. :) what about you?

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday!! I saw your message on Jenny from Fated Follies Blog and had to check your blog out too! So Happy Birthday and I can't even think of the BEST gift I ever received, usually I love the ones the kids make for me the best.

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday!

The best gifts I received were all hand made by my girls.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jalal!
One of my best gifts has to be my friendship with you!
Love you,

Joanne Kennedy said...

Happy Birthday my fellow May birthday friend! I hope you have the best year every!

Hey, can you email me your address. I want to send you something.

I have a few best gifts that I've ever gotten. One was a little wooden stool my brother made me. Well when I got it I didn't even like it. I was about 8 years old and didn't get it. But then my brother was killed in a car accident and I got older. That stool meant the world to me. As I grew up I understood that my brother made that with his own hands and thought of me as he made it. It was so thoughtful and I have always regreted acting like a bratty kid when he gave it to me. He died before I could tell him I really loved it.

My other best gift was this year. It was from my other brother, Gene, who is in the hopsital due to his stroke. My sister went to spend the day with him and she said the only thing he kept saying was he wanted to go to the gift shop in the hospital so he could get me a card and let me know he didn't forget my birthday. When he gave it to me, I cried. He signed his own name. Which was very hard to do since he is paralized on his right side and had to use his left hand.

I'll keep that card forever. It showed me that even though my brother was fighting for his life he still thought of me and didn't want me to think he forgot about me.

I hope you get everything you want for your birthday and more.

Have a wonderful day!

maggie said...

Happy Birthday ! My best gifts ever were all those lovely things my daughters pick out for me. Any gift from them was special, especially when they were little. And now I love how they always try to include some kind of jewellery in my gift because they know I love it. Usually it will just be something little like a necklace or bracelet or pair of earrings.

A Lovely Thing said...

Well OF COURSE you deserve it! ;)

We have a toddler niece whose birthday is December 24. She's convince that all the Christmas lights are put up just for her every year. LOL.

Let's see. The best gift I've ever received was a hand drawn, cartoon like depiction of me. I was moving home from Nebraska back to Colorado.

A colleague drew of me on a ridge in the mountains of Colorado, arms outstretched embracing the range in front of me.

It was such a personal gift. Inexpensive for sure, but just so touching. I have it right across from me as I work on the computer.

Now I'm all misty as I haven't been in touch with the artist in quite some time.

Herbgirl said...

Jalal.............HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on A Lovely Thing's blog about my BLOOM~N~Bottles. They are so fun to do and I'm happy that people are liking them. Thanks, Mandy

RhondaMommy said...

I think that my children were the best gift that I every received--a gift from GOD! Blessings!

fated follies studio said...

I'm so glad that you had a nice birthday! I'm so stoked that I won one of your earrings. they are so lovely. What?! You aren't a rock star??! ;)