Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Almost Time....


Seriously. I can't sleep. I have to work in the morning ya'll.
I want every last one of you to win. I am so nervous for you!

On another note.... I am just going to come out and admit that the reason it took me so long to add people to my "blog Roll" is because I knew how to do it...and then I forgot. I am pretty sure I got the hang of it now though so look out.

Okay I am going to bed But I am going to be up bright & early to draw a name.


fated follies studio said...

hey girl, thanks for stopping by. we might be meant to be friends because i am stubborn too, although i direct most of it at trying to break my 3-year-olds own stubborn will. i can hardly manage that! :) you should post pictures of your fairy tale room so we can all see the coolness. :)


Michele said...

I love that bench in your picture!! Is that in your yard? It's absolutely gorgeous!!!


Jalal said...

Hi Michele, Thank you!

Yes it is in my front yard, the roses were a gift from my son.& I "inherited" the benches with the house. I have since moved the roses to another spot though so I could see them from the porch.

Thanks for stopping by.


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jalal! Loved reading your blog. Please come and visit.
Oh!, I also am new to this blogging and computer stuff. Noticed that you mentioned that you were listing on your blog roll. Could you please help me out and let me know how you do this? I also have not listed on my blog roll and cannot figure how to do it.

Irma :)