Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Time!

Okay, I know some of the host's are waiting until later in the day to draw but I have to go to work & then I have a hot date & won't be home until after midnight ;0)
Sooooo........We have a winner........and her name is......

DEB! from the Land of Nod Studios

Congratulations Deb.....& Thank you to everyone who joined in.

This was so much fun! I can't wait to travel around & see who won everything.

Tuesday is my birthday & I am going to have a special surprise for you if you want to stop by


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy Birthday to you, Jalal!! I'm bummed I missed your giveaway, but so so delighted in finding your lovely blog! Hope you have a fantastic day with lots of glitter and goodness!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Happy early birthday.

Congratulations to Deb. I'm sure she will love your great give away prizes. I know I would.


fated follies studio said...

oooh, i'll be stopping by. i hope you had fun doing this giveaway. it sounds like it is going to be even bigger next year so i'm going to have to jump on board too!


Michele said...

Congratulations to Deb for winning the giveaway, and thank you, Jalal, for your generosity!!

I'm glad I've found your blog and am looking forward to reading and seeing more of it.


Deb said...

Hi Jalal,
Sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring you I'm not really I'm not!!!!! I have been tring to get in touch with you for days, my PC is not playing nice and looks like my emails aren't coming through. I even tried posting a comment and that wasn't working either until now, keeping my fingers crossed the silly thing dosen't up and quite on me. Yippee!!! I've won I'm so thrilled you pulled my name for your wonderful giveaway. I can't beleive I've won....... I will try one more email with my address if that fails then I will leave my info here and maybe you can reject it and not post all my gory details. Thank you so much for hosting such a perfect giveaway I'm over the moon to be the one who gets to enjoy all the loot.
hugs Deborah