Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crap!...I forgot.

Okay here is something you should know about me up front.I suck. Well not at everything. But most anything to do with a deadline...or a schedule....or a commitment(except to my husband). I suck. I usually inform anyone who makes a move to try & be my friend of this flaw right away so that they can bail without any drama down the road. I totally forgot to mention that here. In fact tomorrow I am going to post about more of my flaws. Or not. You never know about me.

All this to say that I forgot to post about my "Trash to Treasure" for the show & tell over @ Sugar*Sugar BUT it is only 9:30 so I still have time.I sorta had an excuse today though cause I drove 2 hours to go to my 9 year old niece's birthday & then turned right around and came home. I just took a few quick me there is way more trash around here that I did not take a picture of!

This is a little ladder that was in my garage when I bought my house.I have been collecting vintage hankies forever but just kept them in a box. You know that time right before you wake up in the morning? Well I have these amazing epiphanies during that time....this was one of them.

I got tired of cleaning my fireplace but I still wanted to see something on fire...this was better than setting the curtains ablaze.

My husband,who by the way will from here on out be known as "The P.I.G." (trust me, he thinks it's funny) bought this radio for $20 at an auction. it is still up in the air whether it is "trash" or "treasure"

Found these in the garbage

The boy & his friend dug these out of our back creek


Katie said...

Hi Jalal!!!

So I'm not sure if my mom told you about my blog or not, but I do have one. It's not much, just a way to update all of my friends who are abroad or just at home and not with me.
If you'd like the link just ask!

I like all your pictures by the way. And your crazy hair is kind of fun!


Sherry said...

I love all your trash to treasures! The hankie display is really cute. I suck at schedules, deadlines, etc.... oh well!!

McMaster & Storm said...

Thanks for entering our contest! We'll post everyones comments right before the drawing. AND, yes would love to see you this summer in greenville. Enjoy your weekend!
Kara & Darcy

RhondaMommy said...

I love these bottles. My grandmother had a wonderful bottle collection and these remind me of her! :)

fated follies studio said...

how funny that you call your husband that, lol. hmmmmm. what nickname could i call mine? too many appealing options. that is so funny (yet creative) of you to have candles in your fireplace. that cracks me up. i got your earrings in the mail today and they are so lovely. thank you girl. i even posted about them on my blog today. so so so fun. i need an excuse to wear them now... or not! :)


Elizabeth said...

Great T2T, I especially like the bottles, reminds me of some of mine.

I wanted to let you know that the jazzy, sparkly birthday prize arrived safely yesterday and I am in love! Going to wear them today. I was also impressed with your wrapping, you've set the bar high for me!

Ambrea @ Come Home Cottage said...

Hi Jalal! I have been trying to think of an idea for my boys old bunk bed latter. I love the idea of the little ladder covered in doilies or antique linens. Items like this should be displayed. Thanks for the inspiration!