Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unfinished Business.....

I was piddling around my house yesterday as if I had nothing better to do and I realized that I do not know how to relax. I just can't. I am not even sure what the word means. I will sit down at the end of the day and attempt to watch a movie with my movie freak family and I just feel like crawling out of my skin! So I started thinking about what I do when I feel that way. I start a project. Notice I did not say I "work" on a project. No, I START a project. I looked around my living room and gathered all the projects that were laying about in various stages of incompleteness.
I swear these were all in one room. I don't have enough time to gather a whole house full of projects so I am going to work on one room at a time. Oh this is so sad.

Okay this is probably the most is a YO-YO quilt that I started when I was pregnant with my last baby....She will be 14 next month! BUT I can tell you where every one of those fabric pieces came from...dresses I made for the girls, costumes over the many memories.
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This is a beautiful crosstitch I was working on for my sister's wedding gift. 5 YEARS ago. Worse than that....she is already divorced. I swear.
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This is a crosstich I started for somebody's special baby. I have no idea who it was for....but I am sure they were my BFF at one time or another.
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These are some really cool embroidered ornaments that I can still finish because really, Christmas comes EVERY year!
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I HAD to have this book of paper ornaments this past Christmas. Apparently I needed to cover a spot on the floor that did not have a project sitting on it
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OH! Okay ,this one is not really my fault. Seriously. I started it for my great nephew, never mind that he is a year old now. Anyway, I started it and was really proud of myself because I taught myself to crochet. but I put it down for a while & now I can't remember how to do it.So see...not my fault.
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I am not the only one in my family to have unfinished business. My husband is a very very blessed man. Here is the set-up. We dated young,he had a motorcycle,HOT,it was stolen 15 years ago, he has pined for one ever since. Got it? Brings us to this past father's friend mentions her husband is selling a motorcycle cheap. SOLD! My husband is tickled pink having a great time on his new toy. Fourth day he rides it to work it starts to rain..he decides to pull off into a parking lot..turns on his turn signal..comes to a complete stop..waits a few seconds for oncoming traffic to clear..hears a disturbing squealing of tires behind him..thinks to himself "This is not good" thing he remembers was being thrown from the bike, landing on his feet in a full run..turning around and realizing that he had just been rear ended on his motorcycle by a....DUMP TRUCK! A dump truck going 30 miles an hour.In the rain.Driven by a 74 year old man. And walking away from it with only a totaled bike & bruises.
I think it is safe to say that the man I am crazy in love with has some unfinished business to tend to.

Thank God.
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My Brian,his dad,some random lady & his brother @ Disney World

*Soon I am going to post pictures of the most amazing thing I have ever received in the mail....just as soon as I get it where it belongs*


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

You are so darned funny!! I too have "Projects" that are being used for numerous chores such as hiding a spot on the floor or covering up a dead spider from last summer, etc.... LOL

My BIL's brother had almost the same incident with his bike last weekend...he stopped on the side of a 2 lane road to look at a car that was for sale. He got off the bike, looked at the car, back on bike and before he cranked he heard a "whistling" type noise and turned and a car was coming off the road straight for him. He jumped off the bike and into the highway and they hit his bike and the car and totalled all 3 vehicles but he had not a scratch just some full pants I am sure!!! How fortunate for both of them. Someone was looking out for them!!!

I looooove your blog!!

Have a great day!!


fated follies studio said...

hey jalal, you sure do have some unfinished projects. my husband thought he had it bad with me, i'll have to show him your post. lol. i'm just kidding. i can't wait to see what you complete when you are so inspired too. that was nice of your husband to make you a work space. thank Jesus that your husband was being watched over. i'm glad the amazing God steps in at times like that. so wonderful, i'm happy he's safe. enjoy your weekend, dear one of God.


Sherry said...

Hi Jalal,
Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings!! I lost the key to my mailbox and so I don't get the mail when my sweet mailman is off. He always is nice and brings it to me. Someday I'll have them change the lock and then I'll find the damned key!! It always works that way. Anyway, thank you so much!!

I have a ton of those projects. I just finished my grandsons blanket the other day and he is 11 months old. I have things I crosstitched for my older boys 25 years ago and have never framed. I won't go on, cause I know you know what I mean.

Thank God your husband is okay!! What a miracle and I agree, he definitely has unfinished business.

You, have a wonderful day!! Your so crazy!

Ambrea @ Come Home Cottage said...

Hi Jalal! I really think we could be sisters! I love this post. I started my nursery theme crosstitch when my 3 year old son was teeny tiny...I have the first sentance done...
I taught myself to knit (I was going to try crochet, but the eenie meenie minie mo landed on knit). It was supposed to be a little blue blankie for another son, he's now 5.
My Hubby has a motorcycle too, so I almost didn't even want to finish the section on that...I'm sooo happy for you both he's okay. I worry about that every day during the summer. Yikes A DUMP TRUCK?!
Well, Thanks for the great post. It made me laugh!

Elizabeth said...

Who DOESN'T have all sorts of leftover projects?! I know people who go to yard sales and estate sales just to buy 1/2 done projects and finish them!

Wore your earrings to several doctor appointments yesterday and had all the female staff swooning!
Thanks, again!

fated follies studio said...

i know that i'm posting on the same one again but...i left something on my latest blog post for you, if you are up to it. :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I just found your blog thru Sherry's blog...You are funny! the craft project monologue had me cracking up...especially the bit about making it for your sisters wedding, who is now divorced....purge woman, purge....sometimes it is a good thing...glad your husband is ok..that is so scary..he must've had an angel on his shoulder....come visit! Melinda

Sherry said...

I hope I didn't offend you when I made the comment on Jenny's blog about the Rock Star Book?!?! You just seem like such a fun person and it made me think of your hair on your birthday. I wish I could be as much fun as you sound like you are!!

You make me laugh about not using the Rock Star papers because you'd miss them! There was that Favorite Things Swap that some people did and I couldn't do it. I think I'm to selfish to give my favorite things away. I like to take them out and look at them everyonce in awhile, just me and my little things. I don't like my kids to use some of my scrapbook paper either. Secretly, I know I'll probably never use it either because it's just to pretty.

Weird, Huh???